Sharing accounts is prohibited

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Sharing accounts, as mentioned numerous times, is prohibited, for obvious reasons.
People that share the project files with other people belong to this category as well.

I make this post to clear things up, because people seem to ingore it, because it fits their needs.

If you checkout the project from... let's say... Germany and some else checks out the project from lets say.. Greece...
It is a no brainer that you share the account with someone else.

Also when you mention that you payed another developer to do something for you...
It is a no brainer that you shared the project files with someone else.

I have more methods to check if people share accounts, but that is for me to know only.
I gave enough hints already.

If you do share an account, expect your subscriber privileges to end soon.
If you already done this, just make a full donation and explain yourself.
Extra people, means extra subscriptions.