Author Topic: Project Installation - W64 (install programs to log in game)  (Read 9402 times)

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Project Installation - W64 (install programs to log in game)
« on: March 02, 2019, 12:29:48 PM »
The following steps describe on how to properly install the project on any Win7 x64 based machine and connect to the game client using the same computer.

What you will need:
-JDK 15:

1. Install JDK 15
-Download JDK 15
-Run the file you just downloaded.

2. Download and extract Eclipse.
Download link
Preferably use the C:\eclipse\ folder and set workspace to C:\eclipse\workspace

3. Eclipse support for git.
- Open your Eclipse.
- Click on the top menu item "Window".
- Select "Show View".
- Click on "Other...".
- From the folder "Git" select "Git Repositories".

4. Checking out the project.
- From the "Git Repositories" window click "Clone a Git repository".
- Type at URI:
- Click "Next >" button. Click "Next >" button.
- Type at Directory: C:\eclipse\workspace\L2J_Mobius
- Click the "Finish" button.
- Wait for cloning to complete.
- From the "Git Repositories" window double click "L2J_Mobius [master]".
- Double click "Working Tree".
- Right click on any project.
- Click "Import Projects...".
- Click the "Finish" button.

*If you have a "JRE System Library [JavaSE-15]' in project" warnings.
 Add JDK 15 from menu Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Installed JREs.

5. Compile the project.
- From the "Package Explorer" expand the project tree to see "build.xml".
- Right click "build.xml".
- Select "Run as..".
- Click on "1 Ant Build".
- Wait for the "BUILD SUCCESSFUL" console message.
- Go to C:\eclipse\workspace\L2J_Mobius\build folder to get your file.

6. Installing XAMPP.
Download link

7. Install MySQL service.
- Go to C:\xampp folder.
- Run xampp-control (the one with orange icon).
- Click on the "X" button next to MySQL.
- Click "Yes".
- Use the "Start" button to start the service.

8. Run the server.
- Extract your compiled files to a folder. Preferably "C:\L2J_Mobius".
- Go to "db_installer" folder.
- Use "Database_Installer_GS.exe" to install the gameserver database.
- Use "Database_Installer_LS.exe" to install the loginserver database.
- Go to "login" folder.
- Run "LoginServer.exe".
- Go to "game" folder.
- Run "GameServer.exe".

9. Connect to the server.
-Download the client provided at readme.txt file.
-Log in game (accounts are auto created).