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Hi everyone,
I'm 35 and i'm a web dev. I played lineage 2 since 20 years ago and i never got the same feeling with others new games.

My favorite versions of lineage are gracia final and HI5. I have never played Kamael  but i'm not afraid by them ;)

My goal is to create a lineage server for all type of people. i want everyone enjoy the game (solo, friends only,  small and big guild).

I'll add customs things like Pvp boost (random battlefiel zone), custom unique hidden quests with hi rewards (legendary items), Add a bot ingame, autologin from updater..etc...

For donation, i would like use visa, paypal and crypto.

 I can touch object languages but i'm not a pro. I can learn by myself, motivation is only needs. If i can't, i'll create topics on market's place  :D

it will be a long way but when you like it, the trip will be enjoyable.
thank you for welcoming me. I can help if needs.