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My True Name is Panos but in Forums,Discord, Nicknames in General i go as Savitar (huge fan plus i like the way it sounds xD)
I am 27 years old and i am Greek. I am here mostly to learn about coding and also to full fill a secret desire. 

I wanted to build a project since i was a 15 year old teenager but i was not that fortunate to learn how because there was no money to go to private school to learn everything i needed to know about developing a game.
So i did the next best thing, self taught from tutorials on YouTube, (Was not trusting forums back then 2010-15 because of viruses etc).
My very 1st attempt was to launch a Final Gracia server with the help of my IT teacher from my public school which his knowledge was also limited (we were using Microsoft Access for the databases) but after 6 months of work we did not manage to launch it so we quit.

years have passed, i quit Lineage 2 in general (i remember the last Chronicle i played on official was Ertheia) and life went on and my dream to create my own game just died.

8 years later i randomly found a really good person on a private discord server (Liamxroy) who invited me to L2jMobious so i said let's give it a try.

When i successfully launched on 17 of August 2022  at 02:04 the Ertheia server on the old laptop that i was using to create my previous Final Gracia server that never had the chance to be born i started crying, from happiness.

So for that Mobius a personal Thank you!!! You helped my dream to come true, I will start learning immediately either with help or solo.

                                                                                  Thank you!!!