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Let's make clear the priority system that L2jMobius uses.
Priorities are listed from high (1) to low (7).

1. Exploit or Serious bug fixes.
When a new exploit, or serious bug, is reported it takes all my attention.
The best fix, is the fastest fix. At later times it will be reviewed and handled accordingly.

2. Add features that are visible to the players.
For example, some UI button that most players will see and click has priority to be implemented.
If not properly, it should at least do something, tho it is highly desired to be as retail as possible.

3. Performance and code improvements.
Performance and code improvements have become a big part of L2jMobius.
Unlike other projects, that do "cool changes", benchmarks are used to prove the actual performance gain of an improvement.
Also take in consideration the seer volume of data resources handled by all the features and systems that are implemented.
The performance difference between L2jMobius and other projects is inexplicable, only because of the above facts.

4. Datapack work.
I have spent years to create simple scripting and XML datapack support for almost everything needed.
Excuse my words, but a complete idiot could create anything by reading how existing implementations work.
If you think that L2jMobius is not good because some item XML is not done, you can respectfully go jump off a cliff.
Datapack work is highly encouraged for contributions, but something I would not prioritize to work on, unless conflicting with (2).
Cudos to all the members that gained Inner Circle status for regularly contributing datapack changes and making this project even better.

5. Rework existing systems.
We only rework existing systems for two reasons. Performance impact and changes in retail behavior.
If the rework does not result in some big performance impact or difference of player gameplay it is not done.
In general reworking systems is prohibited, unlike other projects do, to avoid future issues.

6. Using work from other projects.
When I find freely shared work of any project and L2jMobius can gain something out of it, it will most definitely be used, if I have the time for it.
It is what the original L2j project should do in the first place based on it's licensing terms, rather than doing the exact opposite.
I expect the same when I release free versions and hope people to benefit by using them as well.

7. Things that Mobius cannot personally do.
One way or another, I am involved with all of the above matters.
If I cannot do anything about it, it falls in this category.