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If you want to learn how to get access you should read the related How to get access topic.
The following post is about clearing out what are your benefits by becoming a subscriber.

Is L2jMobius free?
L2jMobius is a free open source project that you can download by clicking on the Download button on the forum menu.
The project is updated with all the work and fixes made in my privately maintained repository every few months, plus the shares from members on this forum.
The more shares free members do, the more early the free version is updated with my private work.

Do I have to buy L2jMobius?
No, you do not. As said above, the free version is fully updated every few months.
By subscribing you buy no product, nor labor. The subscription is consider a donation to me.
As a thank you for supporting me, I may give you access to my privately maintained repository.
For most people that is the reason for becoming a subscriber.

Do I have to contribute to L2jMobius?
No, you do not have to contribute. Tho we would not progress as fast if subscribers did not contribute to the project.
What I say to people is, that if you do not share, someone else will, the one that will get the credits for that work.

Do you want to join my server team?
No, I do not. And before you propose anything. I do not want your money.
I will not develop any system you want, even if you payed me millions.
Me working for live servers, is out of the question.

Will you fix things for me if I become a subscriber?
If I can provide a fix, I will. Do not expect I will fix everything you report tho.
Even if the report is valid and you consider it to be a priority,
it may take months for me to get into it, or even be out of my knowledge to do something about it.
I consider subscribers to be friends and not customers. Therefore by becoming a subscriber does not mean I will work for you.

Can I ask you a question privately?
Ofcource I will talk with anyone.
Tho, extensive questioning through personal messages can get you blocked or banned.
First of all, others might have the same question and that is why we have a forum and discord.
Secondly I appreciate my peace of mind.
When your problems become my problems, is not a question any more, but a forceful demand on solving your problems.
And thirdly I greatly appreciate how I spend my time.
When you spam me with questions, it is not just a loss of time for me, but also an intrusion to my life.

How good is L2jMobius?
For me, it is the best, obviously. Does everything work tho? No, it does not.
I have created support for many things and find new things to add all the time.
Consider that there are projects still working on twenty plus client versions behind L2jMobius.
If you cannot get your hands dirty, L2jMobius is not a project for you.

You mind find the answers above kinda dark and unpleasing, non the less
most subscribers are happy by receiving access to my private repository and continue with monthly subscriptions.
I hope that by reading this post, there will not be any misunderstandings with new or future subscribers.