C6 Arcane Wisdom DOT fail

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It looks like Arcane Wisdom (336) skill is not making DOT. Well.. it is, but once every 3600 sec instead each 1 sec.
The xmls looks correct. It is something different.

While searching it I also found that when I start Arcane Power (it does work, makes dmg), and then try to use Arcane Wisdom (which is not working), suddenly Arcane Power also stops to work. It might be related.

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It took me some time but I figured it out!

Code: [Select]
Index: L2J_Mobius_C6_Interlude/java/org/l2jmobius/gameserver/util/DocumentBase.java
IDEA additional info:
Subsystem: com.intellij.openapi.diff.impl.patch.CharsetEP
diff --git a/L2J_Mobius_C6_Interlude/java/org/l2jmobius/gameserver/util/DocumentBase.java b/L2J_Mobius_C6_Interlude/java/org/l2jmobius/gameserver/util/DocumentBase.java
--- a/L2J_Mobius_C6_Interlude/java/org/l2jmobius/gameserver/util/DocumentBase.java (revision 9d34fdc6b9b5d17b62d7f4ee28bb24de157bc6ec)
+++ b/L2J_Mobius_C6_Interlude/java/org/l2jmobius/gameserver/util/DocumentBase.java (revision 2a9453816968c83451bb5c459151ae163b6af0fb)
@@ -258,7 +258,7 @@
  if (attrs.getNamedItem("time") != null)
  time = Integer.decode(getValue(attrs.getNamedItem("time").getNodeValue(), template));
- if (Config.ENABLE_MODIFY_SKILL_DURATION && Config.SKILL_DURATION_LIST.containsKey(((Skill) template).getId()))
+ if (Config.ENABLE_MODIFY_SKILL_DURATION && Config.SKILL_DURATION_LIST.containsKey(((Skill) template).getId()) && !(((Skill) template).isToggle()))
  if (((Skill) template).getLevel() < 100)

But the main problem was that Arcane Wisdom skill was in a list of skills with modified duration (in a configs).

Yes, there is nothing better than fixing own bugs ;)

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Toggles are not supposed to have modified duration.
It should be removed from config.
If you keep that, it is plain wrong.

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Exactly. It was obvious mistake from my side and that piece of code can prevent such'a mistakes.