Author Topic: Fafurion Help | Making server accessible to others (GS|LS|DB on the same machine)  (Read 58 times)

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Hi Mobius Community,

I am just separating the topic as per rule. This is about making server accessible to people/friends

Here's my situation and queries;

1. l2.ini already editted thru l2.ini editor software
     "serveraddr : this correct?)

2. GS setup (is this correct?)
Game Server Settings
LoginHost =
LoginPort = 9014
GameserverHostname = *
GameserverPort = 7777

3. LS Setup (is this correct?)
Login Server Settings
LoginserverHostname = *
LoginserverPort = 2106
LoginHostname =
LoginPort = 9014

4. I am using the fafurion db/client but I can't find the ipconfig.xml,
where should I find this?

5. Problem on opening port, I am using windows 8.1 and a HUAWEI router  (If I may ask, am I doing it correctly or something still missing? because I check the port online using "" still ports are closed)
here's the setup on router

    a. local port added per TCP:2106/7777 on Windows firewall inbound rule
    b. HUAWEI Router : Forward rules>Port mapping configuration>
                                 * Internal host : <>
                                 * Protocal : TCP
                                 * Internal Port (number there are two boxes) : 2106  (1st box) 
                                                                                                   : ____  (2nd box)  left it blank
                                 * Internal Port (number there are two boxes) : 7777  (1st box) 
                                                                                                   : ____  (2nd box)  left it blank

Is there something I missed to make the server accessible to others?
Well sorry about the long post, I desperately need help from you guys.

Thank you very much in advance!

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4) config/default-ipconfig.xml

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Check here how to port forward on your router by model:

Also internal host means the local address of your pc (or the one where you run the server)

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Hello guys,

I going to try it and let's hope it will work.

Thank you both Jamesfu1208 & CostyKiller! I'll keep you updated