Author Topic: Fafurion Q00761 AssistingTheGoldenRamArmy wrong procedure pls help to find the issue  (Read 455 times)

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hi everybody
i have a problem with the above quoted quest.
This quest is normaly for fighters between lvl 65 and 70, but ingame window says lvl 65 - 69. Thats the first thing.
The second is: after activating the quest i should collect stakato shells and stakato talons. But the Quest window says i should speak with Tracker Dokara. When i kill some stakatos i get the stakato shells and the getQuestItemSound ring out but i dont get the talons.
it´s very helpful if someone can tell me where i can find the issue.

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I can fix it but I am trying to find more info about this quest and I couldn´t fing any wiki page related, so please if you have a wiki page liki about it share. Thanks.

The only video I found was Russian and I do not understand it.

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Hi NightBR

thanks for your reply. I dont understand russian too, but searched many times on many pages for this quest. I dont find any quest with this title but i found this page from a russian server.

The secound quest in this description is the quest which i have requested. I dont know why this quest have a new name or why this quest couldnt be found until now. But i´m sure this is what i have to do in the swamp of screams

oh by the way.....i´ve found this video on youtube
this serverfiles are in english it can help you much more to find out the problem. In this video are 3 parts discribed. in my case it is the first part.