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The list of all services provided by me for Lineage 2 client with prices:

1. Geodata creation/modification for one xx_xx.unr - from 50€ and higher (price based on the complexity of the map, cuz i need to create proxy objects to build geodata)
2. Map creation for Lineage 2 - price start from 200$ (you will get: geodata, pathnode).
3. Map creation for Lineage 2 in one hands (exclusive) - contractual price (you will get all the sources).
4. Creation/Transfer the login screen (lobby) - 200$ for HB, HF, Freya .... GOD+. 250$ - C4, C5, Interlude.
5. High Resolution ALT+M or Radar map - 25-50$ (you will get 2048*2048px .dds image, but if you need more high-res price x2)
6. Creation of new clan halls according to your sketches/concept art/photos/pictures, etc. for all existing Lineage 2 chronicles from 100$ and higher. (The cost is based on the complexity of the object being modeled and the quality of the sketches/concept art of the building)

To buy one or all this services you can pm me on the skype: demev.ukraine

Add me only in case when you 100% want to purchase my custom content. Don't bother me if you not.
1) I don't teach about how to make content
2 I don't help about how to make content
3) I don't support my freeshared maps, which you can find on my site
4) I don't do: Coding stuff, Interface stuff, Web-service stuff and other stuff. I only do services which described in topic.

Arenas/Farmzones and etc maps...
Lobby (Login Screens)
League of Legends map for Lineage 2 (MOBA style)

Available geodata for Lineage 2 Kamael, Death Knight, Prelude of War, Fafurion, Classic, protocols 196, 228, 235, 240, 245, 257, 268, 269, 273, 274, 275, 285, 286 (geodata for oldest protocols by request only)

My site:
Skype: demev.ukraine

Telegram: @deMEV
New unique content for your Lineage 2 server!

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Re: Lineage 2 Maps | Login Screens | Geodata | Geo-fixes and more...
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Sticky. ;)