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I was always waiting for that version of Classic that would be like Interlude, a proper Interlude.
Needless to say the Classic - "Interlude" everyone was hopping for, never came to existance.
Instead we got ingame bot, auto potions, fast leveling, global gatekeeper, no item grade penalties, Kamaels
and more stuff that would be expected from a "bad" private server and not something that carries the name Classic.

The idea of creating my own version of Classic, a better approximation of what Classic is to Interlude, was born.
To my amazement I found that there are several not only public, but open source tools that could make that possible.
I decided to use Grand Crusade as a base, because Salvation and later clients added a lot of stuff that otherwise would need to be removed.

And voila, after a couple of days...

Classic Interlude is not plain Interlude with better graphics.
It is Classic Zaken, as if it evolved to something more like Interlude and not Kamael.