Interlude project (L2jFrozen based)

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I make this post to clarify what is the current condition of my Interlude project.

What is your Interlude files based on?
Interlude was based on L2jFrozen latest free version.

Do you use aCis scripts?
I used most compatible aCis scripts, available at the time I started, since my version was adapted to use later L2j version scripts.

What about python scripts?
Python scripts are fully dropped. They are replaced by Java scripts.
L2jMobius Interlude is the first project based on L2jServer, L2jFrozen and aCis to have all scripts in Java without missing anything.
We have most scripts by aCis and java versions of all remaining L2jFrozen scripts that made it a complete Interlude project.

Have you made any changes on your own, or this is just a combination of other projects?
This is not just a combination of projects. There are hundreds of changes made to fix, clean, improve, update and add things.

Do you update Interlude?
As all projects, when something is done to other branches and can be beneficial, it is added to Interlude as well.

I do not see any recent changes to Interlude.
There is no need to change something that is not broken and works as intended.

Should I use your Interlude or L2jServer?
Definitely use L2jMobius Interlude.

Should I use your Interlude or L2jFrozen?
Definitely use L2jMobius Interlude.

Should I use your Interlude or aCis?
aCis is a very decent project, but I would definetly use L2jMobius Interlude (obviously).

  • L2jMobius Interlude is different from L2jServer, L2jFrozen and aCis.
  • It is updated and updates are done in a need to be done basis.
  • It is my effort to make a complete Interlude server.