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The project is under a freemium concept, which means you can contribute with code or donations, and get rewarded with latest source access.

Freemium is often used in MMO industry.
It's the fact to give access to a free content for all, but locking some aspects of features for subscribers.
On L2jMobius, the concept is similar, but there is a big difference in the term you can CONTRIBUTE and get updates for free.
So yes, contributors got more powers than subscribers, which got themselves more powers than free users.

In this topic you will find information concerning:
  • Types of groups
  • Price
  • Terms of Agreement


Free Users
  • When a free release is made, it will leave subscribers at least a month ahead no matter what.
  • The free users got no support, nor hotfix. They use old sources with unfixed stuff, free to them to update sources themselves (based on next free sources or not), share in order to get free updates (and becoming an inner circle member), or donate in order to be up-to-date (subscriber).
  • Free users can contribute to project using free sources, and be rewarded for their work (see inner circle section).

  • Access to Chat Box.
  • Access to private forum boards.
  • Access to private sources / changelog.
  • Donating is your means to get early access.
  • You get the sources as they are. You do not get a developer for your server.
  • You can evolve from subscriber to inner circle status if you're an active member, as free users can do aswell.
  • It is expected to share your work as the rest of us do. If proven you could assist but chose not to, you will be removed. Donating is not a free leech pass.

Inner Circle
  • Free users, or subscribers, can reach this status making contributions in a weekly basis.
  • Contributors are rewarded by inner circle status, they got access to private sources / timeline and do not make any donation.
  • That access is maintained until they stop to contribute (not involved with the development for more than three months), or reaching a disagreement.


By donating any amount to L2jMobius you automatically agree to the following.
  • All donations are final and non-refundable.
  • You do not receive any service or product.
  • You understand that this is a voluntary donation.
  • Any attempt to fraud the donation system will lead to permanent removal of your account(s).

  • You can use the donate page to make any amount of donation.
  • There are no long term subscriptions, only monthly. For recurring monthly donations see how to make recurring donations after your first month.
  • To become a subscriber user you will have to donate 120€ for joining. This is applied only for your first month of subscription, if you are joining our project for first time, or you ended your subscription and want to become subscriber user again within a week since your subscription ended. Next month you will have to donate only basic monthly donation.
  • The donation will only be acceptable if you use the donate button or send money using the family and friends option. Direct money transfers are not considered donations.
  • People that we do not want to work with, won't receive subscriber access, even if making any amount of donation.
  • Consider contacting, Mobius for any subscriber related questions.

Joining/Rejoining donation:
  • Joining donation to become a subscriber: 120€
  • Monthly donation for existing subscribers: 20€
  • Rejoining donation when inactive for 1+ week after your last subscription ended: 120€
  • If you delay to renew your subscription within the 1 week window, the days passed from your due date will be deducted from your next month.


  • Account renaming or owership transfer is not allowed to avoid scams.
  • You can't resell the L2jMobius subscriber version, customized or not, as you get access to a private project.
  • You can sell L2jMobius private version customized work, when your customer already is an active L2jMobius subscriber.
  • You can't share any revision posterior to the current free revision.
  • Work deriving from fork projects may be merged with the project under our terms.
  • Work deriving from leaked sources may be merged with the project without asking permission.

We reserve our right to change these terms without warning.