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Marketplace / Re: LOGO & NEW Updater / Launcher
« Last post by Liamxroy on November 14, 2019, 04:40:01 PM »
Trusted and skillful! got 3 updaters from Ave and they working perfectly.
The Tavern / Re: Epic Dragon World (An open source MMORPG)
« Last post by Mobius on November 13, 2019, 08:18:51 PM »
The last weeks we had some struggles with the site host.
I am happy to announce that a new information site is now online.
General Discussion / Re: Looking for "Glory Days"
« Last post by janiny on November 13, 2019, 04:12:37 PM »
also combo skills dont working..
General Discussion / Re: Looking for "Glory Days"
« Last post by janiny on November 13, 2019, 04:06:59 PM »
same =)

i havent found working Glory days compile.. so deside fix Ertheya

Ertheya game client  work and look better of lindvior, i dont know how to cut off ertheya race (for a while)
, already done some skill patch made of my vision ( monks range nuke is broken in data pack,

 <skill id="10327" toLevel="7" name="Momentum Flash">
      <!-- Attacks target with 17348 Power added to P. Atk. Requires a sword/dagger/blunt weapon/fist weapon. Damage increases when using Momentum, which you can use up to 3. Over-hit. Critical. -->
         <value level="1">85</value>
         <value level="2">90</value>
         <value level="3">95</value>
         <value level="4">99</value>
         <value level="5">101</value>
         <value level="6">103</value>
         <value level="7">105</value>
         <value level="1">98</value>
         <value level="2">105</value>
         <value level="3">112</value>
         <value level="4">119</value>
         <value level="5">126</value>
         <value level="6">133</value>
         <value level="7">140</value>
         <value level="1">-183</value>
         <value level="2">-188</value>
         <value level="3">-193</value>
         <value level="4">-198</value>
         <value level="5">-203</value>
         <value level="6">-208</value>
         <value level="7">-213</value>
         <condition name="EquipWeapon">
         <effect name="EnergyAttack">
               <value level="1">17348</value>
               <value level="2">20033</value>
               <value level="3">22717</value>
               <value level="4">25700</value>
               <value level="5">27419</value>
               <value level="6">28665</value>
               <value level="7">29911</value>
               <value fromLevel="1" toLevel="7">15</value>

also, 131

giveItems(player, player.isDualClassActive() ? CHAOS_POMANDER_DUAL_CLASS : CHAOS_POMANDER, 2);

classmaster dont give items with 4th class (not fixed)

Bug Reports / Re: Trying to run cmd
« Last post by Genius on November 13, 2019, 03:45:09 PM »
Yeah ofc
Marketplace / Re: LOGO & NEW Updater / Launcher
« Last post by Mobius on November 13, 2019, 03:37:17 PM »
Sticky. ;)
Marketplace / Sell LOGO & NEW Updater / Launcher
« Last post by Project.Ave on November 13, 2019, 12:35:45 PM »
I would like to offer You my NEW Updater / Launcher with custom skins.

- no virus detections,
- automatic patch check,
- automatic patch download on new release,
- automatic soft files check / manual hard files check,
- install full game client as option,
- fast download,
- no disconnections on small files = no slow downs,
- the fastest files check = check full game client of 50GB in just few sec.,
- full control of Your patch link,
- the fastest patch build and the best compression,
- multilanguage support,
- awesome custom skins,
- works on any Windows 32-bit/64-bit,
- no additional Windows hotfix of app requirements,
- support L2JSGuard or Smart Guard server protections,
- C++.

- Discord: Ave#7309
- Skype: mrave20


Supported games: Lineage 2 / Tantra Online / Rohan / Aion / Cabal / any many more...
General Discussion / Re: Charity help - Read this please.
« Last post by gamelike85 on November 13, 2019, 02:13:44 AM »
Gracias bro @Spektrum, tu ayuda es muy importante para mi, así tenga que pagar con trabajo lo haré.. yo te podre ayudar, bueno en lo que este a mi alcance. =P

Mi skype es--> Skilled_85 Me consigues como "Gamelik3"... Gracias hermano, un abrazo.
General Discussion / Re: Charity help - Read this please.
« Last post by Spektrum on November 13, 2019, 01:38:21 AM »
Hello, my Name is Gustavo "Gamelike85", I live in Venezuela, I have been working on this project for several years, little by little I have been meeting many good people, as you know I am not here for a temporary benefit, I do it for love, because I like doing this kind of thing, I like Lineage 2 It is a pleasure for me to be in this L2j Mobius project. But right now I have a very serious problem, and it is about my son.

I do not have enough resources because, as they open the situation in my country it is not good.

My son "Aram Jaasiel" is 5 years old, he has a health problem, he suffers from hypertrophic admicdalas, "giant admicdalas" at night for him it is difficult to breathe, soccer practice, it is difficult for him, he gets very tired, He has control with him Neurologist, cardiologist, otolaryngol and his pediatrician. With the help of my parents, I have been able to alleviate the economic part a little, but not quite. As a consequence of this, my son's intellectual development is affected, he does not speak fluently, he is "stutterer", if he continues like this he will get worse every day, today they give me the budget for the operation, all with clinical expenses "$ 1100 ", which I obviously don't have, if you can help me with whatever I can, I will thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Paypal -> [email protected]


Mate, I didn't know you for real, I just see you here at forum trying to help and contribuite.
I'm your neighbor. I'm from Argentina. I'm a l2 developer, and Im trying to enter as FireFighter Volunteer to help the community.
I already send you 25usd right now, please check it. (My paypal: [email protected]) Isn't much, but it's what I can send now :(
And if you can, please send me your skype or discord. I'm going to open a L2 server soon, and I wanna give you more money with part of my donations income of the server. So please, send me a pm with your skype or discord so we can have a fluid talk of your situation day by day.

Att: Spektrum (Matias Damian Vallejos)
General Discussion / Re: Charity help - Read this please.
« Last post by gamelike85 on November 13, 2019, 12:32:56 AM »
 ;D Hopefully brother, hopefully yes.
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