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Title: Donate Panel Multiserver L2off & L2J
Post by: nightwolf on September 19, 2022, 08:31:11 AM
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BUY: https://shop.denart-designs.com/product/auto-donate-panel-v4/
DEMO: https://shop.denart-designs.com/donatev4/
Title: Re: DenArt Designs Donate Panel V4
Post by: nightwolf on September 19, 2022, 08:31:20 AM
 UPDATE 18/09/2022

    Supports L2OFF & L2JAVA servers
    Advext and Vanganth servers are supported
    Multiserver selection function (can add unlimited servers l2j and l2off)
    Cleanup on translations
    Added more translations
    Added Error and Success messages
    Donate Item Icons now show dynamically from the ID you set
    Ability to ban attackers who snooping in the back links and rest apis
    Added global banlist function every 30 minutes download updated ban lists
    Added lucera jar for unix without GUI and windows with GUI
    Updaed Log system
    Added Developer, Warning, Info, Payment and Error logs
    Clean up old code from v2 panel
    Rewrite login from game function also supports server selection
    Added icons in base template
    Added composer
    Added requirements check
    Added Agreement
    Supports MsSQL, MySQL, MariaDB databases and drivers mysqli, pdo (dblib, mysql), sqlsrv.
    Added more protection layers in paypal ipn
    Stable core
    Mobile friendly with responsive design works on all devices.