L2J-Mobius is a server emulator fully written in Java released under

Made with Java

Project is written in pure Java with weekly fixes and updates from old chronicles to some of the latest game clients.

Ready to Use

Setup a server in couple of minutes and play with your friends.

Fully Customizable

Gain control of the game-play by customizing the server settings, add events and develop the features you want!

Solid base

We have a strong and solid base, coming from years of development. We're improving this reliability offering a project that follows specific rules, allowing you to develop immediately with ease.


Our main goal is to provide a fully working and playable server application. Unlike our predecessors, any code change that can somehow affect the gameplay is reviewed and released to all related projects.


The main strength of L2jMobius is its community. Users can help us by improving our code base. If you want to contribute, we would love it! Just jump to the forum section and get involved!